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Anne Budd, Director

Anne BuddBEng (Hons) MIOA

Anne joined New Acoustics in 2005, becoming a Director in 2006 and co-owner in 2012. Anne has a long career in acoustics having caught the acoustics bug during a week-long WISE course at the University of Salford in 1995.

Anne is Technical Lead at New Acoustics able to provide support across all projects where required as well as managing her own teams on projects and being in charge of administration for the company. Anne has a vast amount of experience and knowledge across many sectors following more than 20 years in the field and having worked on a wide range of environmental and building projects covering the healthcare, education, commercial, waste, energy, leisure, entertainment, residential, industrial and retail sectors.

Anne has been actively involved in the work of the Institute of Acoustics and Association of Noise Consultants across the course of her career. She currently holds the position of Chair of IoA in Scotland. From 2017-2022 Anne was on the Board of the ANC, the first woman in the company’s 45-year history to hold this role and has completed two stints on the UK IoA Council from 2003-2005 and 2011-2015. Anne regularly coordinates IoA responses to Scottish Government consultations and has coordinated IoA and ANC consultation responses on various topics and represented the IoA views on the UK Government panel revising Building Bulletin 93, Acoustic Design of Schools. Anne recently stepped down as is currently Chair of the working group on Noise from Dog Kennels and sits on the working group for Sports Noise.

From 1996 to 2000 Anne studied Electroacoustics at the University of Salford, spending her year in industry at the acoustics lab of the Institute of Technical Physics in Odense, Denmark. After graduation she returned to Denmark to work for Brüel & Kjær at their headquarters in Copenhagen, where she was an application specialist for the electroacoustics team and product manager for the ear and mouth simulators. In this role Anne was responsible for product development, international standardisation and supporting sales and engineering teams in Europe, U.S. and Asia.

On leaving Denmark Anne joined Bridget Shield’s team at LSBU / UCL Institute of Education as a research assistant undertaking research into the impact of acoustic conditions on primary school children and teachers in schools in and around greater London. Anne specialised in young children’s understanding of speech and worked to develop an in-situ test of speech intelligibility to conduct in the classroom. Anne has presented on this topic, on school acoustics and the impacts of BB93, building standards and government policy as well as on a range of other topics since at both national and international conferences and meetings.

Anne is also involved in the development of young acousticians through her work on the ANC Future Acousticians Group and coordinates the IoA involvement in STEM promotion to S1-3 pupils in Scotland via Edinburgh Science and to younger pupils through local schemes. Anne is also involved in the promotion of ED&I.

Martin Wilson, Director

Martin WilsonBSc MSc MIOA

Martin joined New Acoustics in 2014 and became a Director in 2016. He is now co-owner with Anne Budd and is responsible jointly for technical and administrative work on all consultancy projects.

After gaining an MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology from the University of Edinburgh in 2009, Martin’s working career began as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate with Piezo Composite Transducers in Aberdeen, specialists in acoustic transducers for application in subsea, medical and non-destructive testing. This role gave Martin responsibilities across the breadth of the industry including project management, various forms of acoustic and electrical transducer testing, acoustic and mechanical design of ultrasonic transducers and developing and integrating new transducer design procedures. Through the KTP, Martin was able to research and test new piezo materials in close collaboration with The Institute of Medical Science and Technology at The University of Dundee.

In 2012, Martin became the primary acoustic adviser for the principal contractor on the Queensferry Crossing, the largest infrastructure project in Scotland for a generation. Employed by Morrison Construction, Martin was an intrinsic part of the multidisciplinary team who delivered the bridge. In this role, Martin was responsible for all noise and vibration related data, surveys, assessments and reporting on all noise and vibration components of the project. This included the management and data analysis of 15 on-site noise and vibration monitoring stations, including 2 underwater noise hydrophones. The role also required significant liaison with key stakeholders and local communities to report on noise and vibration data and investigate and resolve complaints and any exceedances of any statutory monitoring targets.

Martin took the decision in 2014 to expand into general acoustic consultancy bringing with him an in-depth knowledge of construction management and planning, as well as of vibration monitoring and control, both in air and underwater. At New Acoustics Martin has developed these skills and has worked on and managed a wide range of environmental and building acoustics projects covering residential, education, healthcare, commercial, waste, energy and leisure sectors. More recently, he has been managing the acoustic design of several Passivhaus schools with complex open plan requirements and various custodial projects across the UK, as well as working on high profile state-of-the-art office design and fit outs. Martin has also gained significant experience in investigation and mitigation of low frequency noise complaints. Through his experiences at PCT, the Queensferry Crossing and now at New Acoustics, Martin has established himself as a respected and highly valued member of the construction industry in Scotland.

Martin specialises in noise and vibration.

Nick Bruce, Acoustic Consultant

Nick BruceM.Phys, AMIOA

Nick joined New Acoustics in 2017 following completion of his MSc in Physics at the University of Strathclyde. Since joining New Acoustics Nick has completed the IoA Diploma in Acoustic and Noise Control and has been involved in multiple building acoustics projects within the education and commercial sectors as well as completing environmental noise impact assessments of a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial developments. Nick currently manages a number of projects overseeing acoustic design for all aspects of the project.

Whilst at New Acoustics, Nick has built up considerable knowledge in acoustic modelling, prediction and design and he currently leads the company’s design input on a number of projects. Nick has developed specialisms in industrial and environmental noise modelling including development of bespoke prediction software for both New Acoustics and external clients.

Nick is the lead at New Acoustics on sound insulation testing under the ANC registration scheme, providing training and support to junior staff members for acoustic measurement, software and report writing. Through his experience in the field, Nick has developed his technical proficiency, allowing him to take overall responsibility for acoustic equipment and its calibration.

Craig Savory, Assistant Acoustic Consultant

Craig SavoryBSc, AMIOA

Craig joined New Acoustics in 2021 as a graduate trainee acoustic consultant following on from completion of his IoA Diploma in Acoustics & Noise Control. Since joining New Acoustics Craig has developed his knowledge and skills in environmental noise, train vibration and building acoustics measurements. He is a registered tester under the ANC sound insulation scheme and has taken on supporting roles as part of the New Acoustics team on a number of large education, healthcare, commercial and industrial projects. Through this work, Craig has become proficient in building services noise, specifically calculations and modelling as to the CIBSE Guide B12.

Callum Forsyth, Assistant Acoustic Consultant

Callum ForsythBSc, AMIOA 

Callum has been with New Acoustics since 2019, starting as a graduate trainee acoustic consultant and subsequently completing the IoA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control. Since joining New Acoustics, Callum has undertaken a wide range of measurements and assessments for various noise generating and noise sensitive developments and has developed expertise in room acoustic modelling using Odeon 3D modelling software. Callum has spent considerable time modelling to BB93 for schools, SHTM for medical facilities, BCO/FIS for offices, as well as prisons, arts, leisure, civic and community spaces.

Kyle Wilson, Acoustic Technician

Kyle WilsonBSc, Student IOA

Kyle came to New Acoustics in 2022 shortly after completing his degree. Arriving at New Acoustics with some prior experience of taking acoustic measurements, Kyle has adjusted well to working in the industry and has become a key member of the New Acoustics team. Kyle continues to gain experience across a wide variety of projects whilst working to achieve his Diploma and AMIOA status.

Fran Robertson, Compliance & Administration

Fran Wilson

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