Our skills

New Acoustics' sole business is to provide a full-time specialist acoustic consultancy service. Our primary field is the provision of specialist advice based on experience in noise, vibration and building acoustics.

We adopt a pragmatic approach to our advice developed over years of working with a variety of clients. Proper professional practice is not simply the achievement of pre-determined standards, however authoritative these may be.

Acoustic standards come as numbers that may have little or no meaning to a client. We will continually question, explain and demonstrate these standards so that the client and other consultants can make informed decisions.

Building Acoustics

We provide a complete professional service in which we take responsibility for all aspects of the acoustic performance of a building. We adopt a practical approach, providing information and options so that the client and other consultants can make informed decisions. We provide expertise in sustainable building acoustics including BREEAM, WELL Building Standard and Passivhaus projects.

Environmental Noise

We set out clearly the impact of noise on people in their homes and other sensitive places so that an informed decision can be made as to whether a development is feasible and what mitigation is required.

Measurement and Monitoring

We carry out measurements of sound insulation in dwellings and elsewhere, and have technical staff registered under the ANC scheme for pre-completion sound insulation testing (PCT) which is required for all BREEAM testing. We also provide monitoring services in areas such as construction noise, traffic noise and background noise. We perform vibration measurements including measurement of Peak Particle Velocity, measurement and calculation of Vibration Dose Value and measurement and prediction of reradiated noise from vibration.

Planning Submissions

We work with clients to carry out noise and vibration impact assessments and advise them on how to lessen the impact of their development as part of their planning submission.

A Professional Service

We are members of the leading professional bodies in our field, including the Federation of Small BusinessesConstructionlineAssociation of Noise Consultants (ANC) and Institute of Acoustics (IOA).

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