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Stobhill and New Victoria hospitals, Glasgow

New Acoustics was involved in the construction of the new Victoria and Stobhill hospitals in Glasgow as part of public-private partnership developments. These developments are part of the move to providing modern, new-build Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Hospitals.

The hospitals were designed along the principals laid out in NHS HTM 2045 with environmental noise assessments being carried out for both sites for planning and design purposes.

Both hospitals included large atriums, many treatment and consultation rooms as well as recovery facilities. The aim was for all areas of the hospital to be fit for purpose, providing a calming acoustic environment with good speech intelligibility and privacy. In the old facilities, especially those on the Victoria site, the acoustics were very poor with many patients, especially the elderly finding communication extremely difficult due to the high background noise levels and reverberant spaces. New Acoustics worked along with the rest of the design team to ensure that the acoustics in the new 30,000m² building are far superior to the ones they are replacing.

The new hospitals will offer a completely different class of experience to staff and patients alike, something New Acoustics is proud to be helping achieve.

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